Advocacy is defined as a political process by an individual or group which aims to influence public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems, and institutions. A myriad of issues surround the practice of emergency nursing, particularly those that impact patient care as well as nurses as patient care practitioners. For more information on how to be more active in governmental affairs in our state, please click here to access the Illinois ENA toolkit.
One in every 144 voters is a nurse, which underscores the strength in our numbers and the influence that we can have. However in order to effect change, nurses must not only understand the issues but must also make our voices heard. Emergency nurses cannot be silent on issues affecting practice and must always strive to better educate colleagues and legislators. National ENA provides a strong unified voice for emergency nursing through legislative and regulatory representation.

"Illinois ENA supports the efforts of National ENA including encouraging all ENA members to take an active role in addressing issues facing emergency nursing."

Illinois General Assembly Delegates

The Illinois Emergency Nurses Association invites all members to apply to be a delegate to the annual General Assembly. The number of delegates per state is determined by ENA policies and membership numbers. If you would like more information about becoming a delegate, please contact

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