Forms and Policies

Illinois ENA has developed a number of forms, policies and resource documents.  Some of these documents are available on this page.  In addition, Illinois ENA Members can access additional policies as well as state council resources on the Members Only page.  These resources include the State Council Bylaws, Strategic Plan, and Board Member Job Descriptions.  Also posted on the Members Only page are Committee meeting minutes and other Illinois ENA specific materials. 

CNE Application Approval Guidelines

For current continuing nursing education guidelines and documents, visit

Financial Forms

Business Travel Substantiation Form 2015

Check Debit Form 2015

Credit Card Form 2015

Returned Honorarium Form

Treasurer Transaction Form

W9 Form (Blank)

W9 form (Illinois ENA 2017)

Policies and Procedures

Antitrust Policy (Approved 5/4/2016)

Bookkeeper Policy (Approved 11/19/2016)

Conflict of Interest Policy (Approved 5/4/2016)

Continuing Nursing Education Policy (Approved 10/5/2017)

Delegate Selection Process Policy (Approved 11/19/2016)

Duties, Authority, and Prerogatives of Officers and Directors (Approved 11/19/2016)

Election Rules Policy (Approved 2/28/2016)

Sample Biography

Email Communication to Membership Policy (Approved 5/4/2016)

Etiquette for Electronic Communication Policy (Approved 5/4/2016)

Federal Filing Requirements (Approved 11/19/2016)

Financial Policies (Approved 2011)

Grant Policy (Approved 8/5/2015)

Member Lists Policy (Approved 5/4/2016)

Scholarship Application to ENA Emergency Nursing Conference (Approved 7/31/2017)

Social Media Policy (Approved 6/10/2017)

State Filing Requirements (Approved 11/19/2016)

Website Policy (Approved 5/4/2016)

Whistleblower Protection Policy (Approved 5/4/2016)

State Council

Board Member Job Descriptions (Approved 2/28/2016)

Bylaws (Approved 11/14/2015)

Illinois ENA Strategic Plan 2017-2018